9 de mayo

Hubs Dakar truck

Reducción de cubo Renault C 460 para carreras todoterreno con Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140.
Material Savings
Temperature Decrease: 42°CReduction in Wear: 82%
Description of situation

Flowability issues when using a fluid grease. Also possibility of misapplication between different parts of the truck, such as transfer case, differentials and hub reductions.

MarketOffroad racing
Lubrication PointHubs Dakar Truck
ProductEurol Specialty Racing 75W-140
Article NumberS099004-4L
Product UsageHub reduction

Eurol Specialty Racing 75W-140 can be used in all described systems and offers excellent wear protection and an extreme reduction in friction. Temperatures of the hub reductions were around 180°C when using a highly advanced PAG-based gear oil and dropped to 138°C by switching from to the Racing 75W-140. A massive 42°C of friction was removed from the gearbox.

Customer testimonial

Mario Kress, CEO, MKR Technology: “Gears were as new, amount of wear was negligible, not even visible. Also the oil was in very good condition after the complete Dakar Rally.”