9 mai 2023

Protection of de-icing equipment (gritters) for roads

Problème de corrosion et de lubrification de l'épandeur

Cost Savings

Reduced Maintenance Costs: 50%Reduced Downtime: 50%

Material Savings

Increased Production Capacity: 10%
Value Savings: between €10,000 and €20,000

Description of situation

Lubrication is an essential part of machinery maintenance. This certainly applies to de-icing equipment that has to keep our roads safe during the winter months. In this case study we will discuss the effect of our specialty lubricants on these de-icing machines. We show how our Eurol Specialty products contribute to less maintenance work and less downtime.


Lubrication PointWheel bearings
ProductEurol Lube PL Spray
Eurol Grease CS2/502-S spray
Article NumberS009101AER
Product UsageLubricating Greases

With Eurol Grease CS2 / 502-S spray and Eurol Lube PL Spray exposed parts were lubricated and protected against corrosion. With Eurol Grease CS2 / 502-S lube shuttles wheel bearings were lubricated, resulting in hardly no wear or corrosion. Less maintenance is required and so downtime is reduced.

Product usage: about 1 box (12p) spray cans and one box of lube shuttles each per year.