Riwald Dakar Team

Heading Towards a Sustainable Dakar Rally

Riwald has been a prominent participant in the Dakar Rally for many years and has been supported by Eurol throughout this time. Under the leadership of primary driver Gert Huzink, the team made history in 2020 by becoming the first to complete the world's toughest rally with a sustainable, hybrid Renault C460 truck from MKR Technology.

Dakar Future

Sustainability and environmental awareness are of great importance today. This is the vision of both Eurol and Riwald, a pioneer in the field of recycling. With this in mind, truck builder MKR Technology developed the first hybrid Dakar truck in 2019, generating significant publicity. In retrospect, this proved to be an important step in the greening of the entire Dakar Rally organization. The team is now part of the Dakar Future project, which focuses on the gradual transition to emission-free vehicles in the Dakar Rally.


Hybrid Drive

The Renault C460 Hybrid Edition is a lightweight truck that has reached the ideal weight of 8.5 tons, including the 700-kilogram hybrid technology. To deliver optimal performance, Riwald uses various advanced Eurol products for the engine, hybrid drive, wheel bearings, universal joints, and other essential components. Thanks to its electric drive, the truck has excellent traction, making the use of the right lubricants crucial. In the Riwald Dakar truck, we use our Specialty lubricants with SYNGIS Technology.


Gert Huzink: "Eurol plays an essential role in the development and greening of our hybrid truck."