Ensure vehicles are in top condition

It is essential that vehicles leave the workshop in peak condition. Your customers depend on their vehicle being in optimal internal shape. Our comprehensive range of engine additives, fuel additives, and cooling system additives plays a crucial role in preventing and resolving internal issues such as engine contamination and injector blockages, making them an indispensable part of vehicle and machinery maintenance.


Our "Powering Performance" Promise

A line for the complete vehicle

Designed to fully support all vehicles under all conditions with a guarantee of maximum performance.

Problem Solving

The 'problem solvers' in our lineup serve as a crucial safeguard against engine troubles, greatly reducing the risk of expensive repairs.

Additives for Routine Maintenance

Our additives also work preventively, thereby extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

Experience the power of two Eurol Engine Flushes

In this video, our automotive specialist explains everything about our two engine flushes. The Eurol Engine Flush provides a thorough cleaning for your engine, effectively removing old engine oil, sludge, and deposits. We recommend this engine additive with every oil change to ensure a cleaner start for the new engine oil and to maintain good engine condition. The Specialty Additive-S Flush with SYNGIS Technology is the perfect solution for engine troubles. Our automotive specialist demonstrates the unique action of this engine additive in the video.


Eurol Additive S-flush

For severe engine contamination

Eurol Specialty Additive-S Flush with SYNGIS Technology is a solution for engines with severe contamination. This is evident in symptoms such as reduced performance, high oil consumption, loss of compression, and heavy smoke production. This engine additive provides a thorough cleaning of the entire engine system.


Eurol Engine flush

With every oil change

Eurol Engine Flush cleans the internal components of the engine, removing sludge and deposits that impede performance. It's essential with every oil change to regularly maintain a clean and efficient engine. Unlike many competing engine additives, Eurol Engine Flush contains no solvents and thus does not damage internal engine components.


Eurol injection cleaner 

For clean and efficient combustion

Eurol Injection Cleaner keeps the fuel system clean by clearing injectors, valves, and combustion chambers of harmful deposits and dirt. This fuel additive enhances combustion efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and ensures optimal engine performance. It is essential for maintaining both gasoline and diesel engines, especially when used regularly every 2500 kilometers.

Additive-S-Flush-1 (2)

Practical Case: Reducing Extreme Oil Consumption


Modern high-revving turbo engines with low displacement are often prone to malfunctions and maintenance issues. Contaminated oil scraper rings can lead to excessive oil consumption and smoke production, which shortens the life of catalytic converters or particulate filters.


Eurol Specialty Additive-S Flush with SYNGIS Technology, an engine additive originally developed for heavily contaminated diesel engines, is also effective in gasoline and diesel engines within the automotive sector. Add the engine flush to the motor oil before an oil change, or in cases of extreme oil consumption, pour directly onto the pistons. Contamination gradually dissolves, but repetition may be necessary.

Some Results:

Renault Clio - Consumption 1L per 300KM - after treatment, consumption negligible.

Peugeot 208 - Consumption 1L per 1000KM - after treatment, reduced to 1L per 7000KM.

Kia Picanto - Consumption 1L per 1500KM - after treatment, reduced to 1L per 8000KM.

Lubrication PointOil scraper rings
Used ProductEurol Additive-S Flush
Eurol Engine Flush
Product UsageAutomotive engines

Applications for Heavy and Industrial Vehicles

For heavy and industrial applications, including shredders, cranes, trucks, and tractors, we offer the Eurol Specialty ‘Additive-S’ line with SYNGIS Technology. These Specialty additives provide advanced protection for diesel engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes, and open lubrication points, even under the most challenging conditions.


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