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Eurol Specialty products empower you to visibly and measurably enhance your operations. Heavy-duty machinery and equipment need the best lubrication there is. To opt for Eurol Specialty Lubricants and cleaners is to opt for the most sustainable and innovative technology available on the global market today. Our innovative SYNGIS Technology in our Specialty lubricants helps to preserve lubricating and protective properties, even in the most extreme of conditions. 
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Perfect protection for your machinery

Our Specialty products clean, lubricate and protect all important lubrication points of your vehicles and machines such as pin-bush connections, bearings, chains, steel cables, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and transmissions. Our products are suitable for segments, such as: agriculture, truck and trailer, industrial, rail, offshore, marine, food industry, earthmoving, civil engineering, offshore, rally racing and automotive.

Eurol Green Lubricants Heavy Duty

Our 5 Guarantees

1 | Higher production capacity. Longer maintenance intervals, fewer faults and downtime. 

2 | Lower maintenance costs. Fewer maintenance hours, longer machinery and equipment service lives.

3 | Friendly to people and the environment. Virtually all Eurol Specialty products are free of micro-plastics and chlorinated paraffins. We develop all of our products with safety and environmental compatibility in mind.

4 | Reduced energy consumption. Reduced energy loss thanks to optimal lubrication in all circumstances.

5 | Always a solution. Our experts are ready to help you solve any lubrication problem.

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Eurol Specialty Syngis Technology Industrial Heavy Duty Lubricant Sustainability

Syngis technology

Our innovative SYNGIS Technology helps to ensure that lubricating and protective properties reinforce one another, even in the most extreme of conditions. The products can be recognized by the SYNGIS logo.

Eurol Our Five Promises

Specialty services

At Eurol Specialty, innovative and sustainable products are accompanied by first-class service. We offer various service packages to improve your business.

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