Lubricants for earthmoving sector

In the world of earthmoving, robust equipment is essential, as it must continue to operate effortlessly, even in muddy, dirty, and wet conditions. However, there is a significant risk of corrosion and wear. Therefore, the proper lubrication of vehicles and machines is crucial to prevent downtime and ensure that they continue to operate reliably.

Eurol Lubricants for extreme conditions

We offer a full range of lubricants for earthmoving. Our Eurol Specialty lubricants are specifically designed to operate under harsh conditions, such as extreme temperature differences and high pressure loads. They provide excellent protection and perform optimally in these challenging conditions.

Environmentally friendly lubricants

For operations in vulnerable nature or on the water, Eurol Specialty offers environmentally friendly and biodegradable lubricants. These lubricants are free of microplastics and fit into programs aimed at sustainable and responsible work. The products contain the unique SYNGIS Technology. With this, we guarantee lower maintenance costs and a reduction in your energy consumption.

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