Reliable lubricants for road & waterway construction

The world of road and waterway construction is continuously in motion. New sustainable technologies, more efficient processes, and a growing awareness to make the sector more sustainable present significant challenges. Therefore, we offer you a complete product portfolio with regular and Eurol Specialty lubricants. Products with groundbreaking performance, reduction of CO2 emissions, and biodegradable properties.

Lubricants that are reliable, efficient, and sustainable

In the road and waterway construction sector, work is carried out daily with highly specialized machinery, such as bulldozers or excavators, which are not easily replaced by other equipment. Operational reliability and preventing unplanned downtime is essential. Our solution is the Eurol Specialty line, with a PTFE, microplastics, and chloroparaffin-free base. Our Specialty lubricants are extremely pressure-resistant, water-resistant, salt-resistant, along with very high corrosion protection and mechanical stability, preventing the grease from bleeding.


Complete range for infrastructure

Choosing the right lubricant is of great importance. Our wide range of regular lubricants, many with OEM approvals, including engine oils, coolants, transmission, and hydraulic oils provide a solid foundation for the daily maintenance of machinery and equipment. They are designed to meet the general requirements of machinery by reducing friction, combating wear and tear, and offering protection against rust and corrosion.


Eurol Specialty lubricants

With the Specialty cleaners and lubricants, we offer you advanced products that are highly suitable for use in road and waterway construction. These include open lubrication points of chains, bearings, gears, and pin-bush connections. The strength of Eurol Specialty is our own SYNGIS Technology that ensures a unique connection, collaboration, and interaction of product components. This results in extending maintenance intervals, preventing unplanned downtime, and wear. Less maintenance equals a reduction in the workload of your technicians. Working in a vulnerable natural area such as Natura 2000? Then choose the biodegradable Eurol Specialty lubricants. The products seamlessly align with the legislation regarding these areas.

Case Studies

At Eurol, we always aim for the highest achievable. With our targeted approach and innovative Eurol SYNGIS Technology, we guarantee an increase in your production capacity. Our 'Eurol Specialty Lubricants' have proven their quality in practice.

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