November 15, 2023

Lubrication of heavily loaded hydraulic systems

Plomp Case Study 2
Annually saved €21,000 on the maintenance and replacement of hydraulic pumps in pile driving machines.
Description of situation

The hydraulic systems of these pile driving machines constantly experienced high stress, resulting in a shortened lifespan of the pump. This led to significant wear and tear, and the lifespan of the pump was only 40% of the expected duration.

Lubrication PointHydraulic Pump
Used ProductEurol Additive-S
Article numberS008300
Product UsageHydraulic oil

By adding Additive-S to the existing hydraulic oil, the lubrication of the pumps improved significantly, and the increase in temperature was reduced. This advanced lubricant additive enhances the viscosity and lubricating properties of the oil, which is crucial for the smooth operation of the hydraulic pumps, especially under high load. Eurol Additive-S also aids in regulating the temperature within the hydraulic system, significantly reducing the risk of overheating and associated wear.

Customer Testimonial

Employee from Plump: "The pumps run noticeably smoother and the temperature is about 5 degrees lower than before. After a year and a half, the pump still works excellently, and the pressure is stable. Normally, we would already see wear marks in the oil, but now it seems as if the parts are new."