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Lubricants for the automotive industry

Eurol manufactures high-quality OEM-approved lubricants. We focus on both fuel-powered vehicles and hybrid and electrically driven vehicles with a wide range of products. We understand the challenges that you, as an automotive professional, face. To support you, we offer product advice, training, and a wide range of services.
Introduction of Eurol Lubricants' In-house Oil Blending and Production

Expertise from the producer

From engine oils, transmission oils to coolants, sprays, and greases; we produce all products 'in house'. Thanks to our high-quality production facility, we can produce and switch quickly while ensuring top-notch quality. With our many years of experience as a manufacturer, we have broad application knowledge and provide you with expert advice for various lubrication-related issues.

Eurol Custom Product Advisory

Knowledge and support

Our experienced team is ready to assist you with advice, technical and commercial support, and the latest industry developments. Discover our wide range of services, workshop materials, and services on our service page.

Eurol Lubricants Service Point Workshop Formula

Eurol Service Point

We support mechanics in the Netherlands with the Eurol Service Point garage formula. This is an accessible sub-formula by which we provide essential technical and commercial support on lubricants.

Giniel Dakar Dakar 2024

Dakar winning quality

Our products are frequently used in professional motorsport, including in the TCR and the Dakar Rally. We use our rally and racing teams to test and further develop our products. The result? Lubricants that deliver top performances even under the most extreme conditions. Our Specialty racing line with SYNGIS Technology is the ultimate proof of this. Together with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, we have won the Dakar Rally multiple times.

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