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Lubricants for industry

Within the industrial sector, vehicles, machines, and machine parts are heavily strained. Critical components such as chains, bearings, and gears are under heavy load due to high pressure, fluctuating temperatures, wear, and corrosion. The right lubricant and the right cleaner can make the difference between a smooth-running production line and unwanted downtime.
Eurol Specialty Industrial Production Machinery Lubrication for High Temperatures

Optimal lubrication and performance

At Eurol, we produce an extensive range of lubricants and technical fluids, specially formulated for the unique challenges of the industrial sector. From transmission to compressor oil, metalworking oils, gear greases, pneumatic fluids, and lubricating pastes - we have everything you need for optimal lubrication and protection.

Eurol Specialty lubricants packaging photo for oil and grease products

Eurol SYNGIS Technology

For extreme operating conditions, we have developed Eurol Specialty lubricants and cleaners. These products contain the unique SYNGIS Technology to save on maintenance, prevent downtime, and increase production capacity. The products can be recognized by the SYNGIS logo.

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Full-service partner

Thanks to the broad application knowledge of our team of experts, we offer you expert custom advice. As a full-service partner, we do everything possible to extend the lifespan of your equipment, reduce downtime, and maximize your production capacity.

Practical case studies

Thanks to our years of experience in the world of lubricants, we know how important good lubrication technical maintenance is. With Eurol lubricants, you get better performance and higher reliability from your machines. Practice proves that.

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