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With E Heavy Duty, we seamlessly address the needs of your heavy machinery, be it electrically or traditionally powered. Comprising a suite of seven distinct products, our range ensures enhanced efficiency throughout your operations, especially in demanding conditions and environmentally sensitive areas. We invite you to discover the advantages of E Heavy Duty. Delve into our informative video, explore the accompanying products, and, of course, examine our case study to witness its impact in real-world applications.

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The E Heavy Duty promises


Extend your battery cycle

Engineered to efficiently boost the performance of your electrified heavy duty machinery. Achieve longer battery life and smoother operations with our superior lubrication.

Reduce your environmental footprint

E Heavy Duty includes biodegradable products. Perfectly suitable for operating in sensitive environments, such as natural areas and open water.

Less maintenance and cost saving

With our lubrication, experience reduced downtime, leading to less maintenance needs and lower costs – a win for your business.

E-HD Lube 46 Bio

Eurol E Heavy Duty Lube 46 Bio

Biodegradable lubrication for hydraulic systems, transmissions, cables, and chains.

A fully synthetic lubricant tailored for heavy-duty applications. Thanks to SYNGIS Technology foundation, this lubricant offers optimal flow and protection in a range of operating temperatures. Upgrade to the 46 BIO for both technical superiority and eco-conscious application.

E-HD Gear LV 60


For heavily loaded transmissions and differentials, enhancing efficiency and extending system lifetime.

Gear LV-60, a fully synthetic lubricant based on Eurol SYNGIS Technology. Specially developed for electrified heavy-duty applications. Powering heavy duty machinery with enhanced energy efficiency and unique wear protection. 

E-HD HY 2 103-s


Enhanced for both open and closed systems such as hinges or bearings.

Grease HY-2/103-S provides energy efficiency and wear protection in both open and closed lubrication points. Whether it's bearings, slewing rings, or hinges, this fully synthetic lubricant grease, designed with Eurol SYNGIS Technology, is an excellent choice for all your electrified heavy-duty applications, ensuring a long product and system lifetime.


E-HD HY 000 101


A fully synthetic lubricating grease for gearboxes and bearings.

Explore advanced lubrication with Eurol E Heavy Duty Grease HY-000/101. Engineered for closed lubrication systems, it seamlessly navigates the intricacies of gearboxes and bearings. Its formulation significantly reduces friction to almost silent levels, guaranteeing smoother operations and an extended equipment lifespan. A lasting impact on both product and system longevity.

E-HDHY 2 104 s


Enhanced for both open and closed systems such as hinges or bearings.

E Heavy Duty Grease HY-2/104-S BIO is a fully synthetic, biodegradable lubricant grease engineered as an eco-friendly product. Eurol E Heavy Duty Grease HY-2/104-S BIO resists water washout, is very easily pumpable over a wide temperature range and offers extreme wear protection. Extend your system's lifetime while minimizing your environmental impact.


E-HD Coolant


A heat transfer fluid for electrified heavy-duty machinery.

It is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional coolants, functioning optimally even in extreme temperatures and without harmful components. Choose efficiency with Eurol E Heavy Duty Coolant.


Eurol E Heavy Duty REEO

Eurol E Heavy Duty REEO is a premium synthetic oil designed for range extender combustion engines in heavy-duty machinery. 

Ensuring a robust lubricating film across a wide temperature range, it reduces friction and promises optimal fuel efficiency. Tested under extreme conditions, trust this oil for superior protection and extended engine life.

E-Heavy Duty Case Gear LV-60

Case Study: Electric-Powered Citybus

Boosting Range with Eurol E-HD Gear LV-60 Differential Oil

With the global transition to electrification in transportation, achieving efficient range is paramount for electric bus operations, especially in bustling urban environments.


Range anxiety, a common concern for operators and users of electric vehicles, becomes particularly pressing for public transportation. An electric-powered city bus operator aimed to extend the range of their fleet, minimizing downtime due to recharging and ensuring uninterrupted city services.


To address this, Eurol introduced the E-HD Gear LV-60, a differential oil optimized for enhancing the efficiency of electric drivetrains. A field test was initiated to verify its impact in real-world transit conditions.


The results from the field test were unequivocal. Utilizing our differential oil, the citybus witnessed an impressive +10% boost in its operational range. This marked improvement not only alleviates range anxiety but also showcases the potency of Eurol E-HD Gear LV-60 in tangible, on-road scenarios.

MarketPublic Transport
Used ProductE Heavy Duty Gear LV-60
Type of machineryCity Bus
Article numberS022002
Product useDifferential oil

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