November 10, 2023

Hydraulic oil e-excavator

Hydraulic Oil Sampling for Electric Excavator
Reduced Maintenance Costs: The longer lifespan of E Heavy Duty Lube 46 BIO means that oil changes are needed less frequently.
Material Savings

Longer lifespan of components.

Efficiency Improvement: A more efficient hydraulic system can lead to increased productivity.

Description of problem

In a delicate natural area, an electric excavator is used, but the standard OEM product is not biodegradable. This poses a risk to the environment. Moreover, traditional biological products provide unsatisfactory response speed and a limited lifespan.

MarketHeavy Duty
Lubrication PointE-excavator
Used ProductE Heavy Duty Lube 46 BIO
Article numberS022001
Product UsageHydraulic oil

E Heavy Duty Lube 46 BIO enhances the response of the hydraulic system. Remarkably, E Heavy Duty Lube 46 BIO has been functioning smoothly for over 2000 hours and the testing is still ongoing. These improved performance and durability lead to significant savings on maintenance and replacement costs, while considerably reducing the impact on vulnerable natural areas.