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Lubricants for the truck & transport sector

In the truck and transport sector, the reliability of your vehicles is crucial. Your trucks must remain operational all year round to be profitable. Therefore, avoiding downtime, saving fuel, and reducing emissions are of great importance and essential for successful business operations.
Eurol Specialty Customized Lubricants

The importance of lubricants

The correct use of lubricants plays a key role in this. We produce a wide range of OEM-specified truck products, including engine oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils, coolants, and greases. Unique are our Eurol Specialty products with SYNGIS Technology. We guarantee high protection against wear, contribute to optimal fuel savings, less downtime, and extend the life of your fleet.

Eurol Lubricants Specialty Syngis Technology Lubricant PL

We are ready to advise

We understand the challenges of the truck and transport sector and are ready to support you. For example, we can help you with tailor-made lubrication advice for your fleet. Our expertise and commitment to quality make us a reliable partner for your lubricants, keeping your fleet efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Practical case studies

With our many years of experience and specialist knowledge, we help to allay your cleaning and lubrication concerns. Our high-quality products satisfy the strictest requirements and are extensively tested in heavy-duty conditions, with the Dakar Rally as the ultimate testing platform.

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