December 1, 2023

Cleaning of crane slide parts

Swift Clean Case Study

Significantly less product is required for cleaning the masts, only 2.5 aerosols per mast instead of 24. This not only makes the process safer and more environmentally friendly, but also more labor-friendly and less burdensome.

Description of the situation

Cleaning the sliding parts with brake cleaner was a labor-intensive process and unfavorable from an occupational health perspective. The worker had to protect themselves against harmful dust and used up to 24 aerosol cans of brake cleaner per mast with the necessary protection. The brake cleaner evaporated too quickly and was not effective in removing grease residues.

MarketTruck & Transport
Lubrication PointSliding Parts
Used ProductEurol Swift Clean 130 Spray
Article numberS007104AER
Product Usage(Telescopic) Cranes

With Eurol Swift Clean 130 Spray, less product is needed; only 2.5 aerosols per mast. This cleaner is even suitable for machines that occasionally come into contact with food and poses no danger to surface water. Moreover, it does not cause skin irritation and is significantly more pleasant to use for cleaning the masts from an occupational health perspective.