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Lubricants for marine and offshore

No environment challenges machines and materials more than the sea. The constant exposure to salt, sand, heat, cold, and UV radiation is a real test for machines, parts, and lubricants. With the right lubricants, deck cranes, chains, cables, and bearings are protected against these influences. This prevents potential damage and associated repair or replacement costs, ensuring that your equipment is always fully operational.
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Unique range of lubricants

For both the maritime and offshore industry, we offer a wide range of lubricants, including greases, oils, and technical fluids. Our specialists are ready to advise you with tailor-made solutions. A standout in our range are the Eurol Specialty lubricants with SYNGIS Technology, offering the best protection against wear and corrosion. With these products, we not only guarantee lower maintenance costs, but also a reduction in energy consumption.

American MARPOL apps for U.S. environmental regulations for maritime ships and vessels

Meeting global environmental standards

The United States assesses lubricants for their biodegradability, non-bioaccumulation, and minimal toxicity. Products that meet these criteria are classified as 'Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants'. In Europe, REACH regulation focuses on managing risks associated with chemical substances. Additionally, the CLP regulation ensures clear communication of the dangers of hazardous chemicals. Our lubricants comply with these regulations, offering effective solutions that also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. Several Eurol products meet the requirements of the European ecolabel.

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