Syngis tech

The power of our technology

Our innovative SYNGIS Technology ensures that lubricating and protective properties enhance each other, even under the most extreme conditions. Our technology has a synergistic effect between additives, which means that individual additives provide better lubricating properties and that the properties of the combined additives are stronger than the sum of the additives individually.

Our technology explained

Eurol SYNGIS Technology creates an extremely strong film layer which in turn provides extreme lubrication and protection. The film layer remains intact, even under extreme conditions, such as pressure load and temperature fluctuations combined with moisture and dirt.

Eurol Specialty Syngis Technology Industrial Heavy Duty Lubricant Sustainability


The SYNGIS Technology forms the unique foundation of our Specialty lubricants. This technology has been developed by the Eurol Research & Development team, in collaboration with leading knowledge institutes. This advanced technology improves the lubricating and protective properties of our Specialty lubricants, even under the most extreme conditions.

TOYOTA Gazoo Dakar rally helicopter

From Dakar to everyday practice

It is no coincidence that this technology was partly developed because of our participation in the Dakar Rally, known as the toughest rally in the world. This innovation ensures optimal balance between lubrication and protection, leading to substantial cost savings, reduced energy consumption, and increased efficiency.