February 7, 2021

S005190AER Standard Eurol Grease PL FD Spray VZ

Eurol Specialty introduces Grease PL FD Spray

Eurol Specialty Lubricants introduces Grease PL FD Spray, a multi-purpose transparent grease with SYNGIS Technology. This water-resistant grease has excellent creep properties and is very suitable for machinery in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It works effectively against corrosion and is resistant to water, steam and alkaline cleaners.

The transparent, non-staining properties of the lubricant allow easy inspection of machine parts. The product is food grade NSF H1 certified, making it excellent for use in machines where incidental contact with food occurs.

Product benefits

The main product benefits of Eurol Specialty Grease PL FD Spray are:

  • NSF H1 certified
  • Multi-purpose grease for many applications
  • Suitable for incidental food contact
  • Transparent for easy inspection of machine parts
  • Colourless for clean lubrication
  • Resistant to water, steam and alkaline detergents
  • Very good anti-corrosion properties
  • Extends lubrication intervals
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Reduces energy consumption

Packaging types

Eurol Specialty Grease PL FD Spray is available in a convenient 400 ml spray can under item number S005190AER. This lubricating grease is also available in solid form in a 110-gram tube and a 1-kg jar under S005190.

About Eurol Specialty Lubricants

With 'Specialty Lubricants', Eurol offers a line of high-quality speciality lubricants that help save costs and increase efficiency. The SYNGIS Technology in Specialty Lubricants ensures that lubricating and protective properties maximise each other under extreme conditions. Eurol Specialty lubricants are developed for extreme and highly variable conditions, including pressure and endurance loads, temperatures and humidity.