June 28, 2024


Eurol introduces the Fultrax 75W-90 LS

We introduce the Fultrax 75W-90 LS, a fully synthetic transmission oil with limited slip properties. This transmission oil is ideally suited for heavily loaded transmission systems in heavy-duty machines, including various types of modern tractors, cars, trucks, and earthmoving equipment.

Reliable Transmission Oil

The Eurol Fultrax 75W-90 LS is specially formulated for hypoid gears, hub reductions, and differentials, both with and without clutch plates. This transmission oil continues to function efficiently under severe operating conditions, offers superior protection against thermal oxidation, and has no adverse effect on seals in the vehicle. Additionally, the Eurol Fultrax 75W-90 LS reduces noise during cornering, a common issue with limited-slip applications. This transmission oil contributes to a longer lifespan and better performance of transmission systems in a wide range of heavy vehicles and machines.


The Eurol Fultrax 75W-90 LS, with article number E110079, is available in a 1-liter bottle, 20-liter can and a 210-liter drum.

More Information?

For more information about this transmission oil, please contact our sales department at export@eurol.com.