October 13, 2023

Cleaning and Lubricating "Anchors" in Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed Concrete Case Study
Material Savings

Reducing from two products to one, working safer, cleaner, and more efficiently.

Description of the Situation

In constructions involving reinforced concrete and pre-stressed steel cables, "Anchors," steel clamps, are responsible for maintaining tension on the cables. The previously used assembly paste for securing these clamps had a drawback: due to the high forces involved, the clamps often jammed. Removing them was a challenging task, particularly due to the limited workspace. This made the process both time-consuming and ergonomically taxing. Furthermore, the existing cleaning agent was not effective enough to remove the assembly paste.

Lubrication Point“Anchors” steel clamps
Used ProductEurol Safe Clean Solve

By using Eurol Safe Clean Solve, which cleans at a temperature of 50°C and provides adequate lubrication for further use, the removal of the steel clamps is significantly simplified. The result is a safer, cleaner, and more efficient work environment. This leads to a substantial reduction in both production and personnel costs, and also offers ergonomic improvements for technical staff.