November 17, 2023

Innovative lubrication solutions for transport and road construction equipment

Vrijbloed Transport Company
Use of fewer products, longer service life of lubricant
Description of the Situation

With a varied fleet of literally hundreds of vehicles, planning regular maintenance is a huge challenge. When the quality of the lubrication points and the lubricants used on different machines is also uncertain, the challenge becomes even greater. Not to mention the inventory management of the lubricants. The desire was for a single lubricant that could be used on all vehicles, with better protection than the "best" currently used lubricant.

MarketTruck & Transport
Lubrication PointPropeller shaft / bearing lubrication
Used ProductEurol Grease CS-2/103-S
Article numberS005109
Product UsageTransport / Road Construction

CS-2/103-S suitable for all lubrication applications. The 103S is easily pumpable and therefore suitable for, among other things, central lubrication systems in road construction and transport. In practice, the central lubrication system can be set more economically. It can be purchased in buckets and effectively pumped by pneumatic pumps. The extendable masts are sprayed with a Lube shuttle Spray gun. It is also evident that the fifth wheels show much less wear. In addition, the (loaned) equipment is protected longer and better. The chance of incorrectly applying a lubricant is a thing of the past, and maintenance planning and inventory management are more efficient.