January 4, 2024

CO2-reductie-door-lagers-met-EurolEHDGreaseHY-2 103-S

CO2 reduction by bearings with EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S

Reducing the CO2 footprint of industrial processes is becoming increasingly important. Energy saving plays an essential role in this. An innovative showcase in this field is the use of the new grease EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S in a heavily loaded stone crusher. A recent test shows that up to 15% energy savings can be achieved. Read the full test here.

This recently introduced lubricant contains Eurol SYNGIS Technology and a hybrid thickener, resulting in significantly reduced friction. A recent test, conducted on a stone crusher, shows that this technology enables a considerable reduction in energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. In addition, EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S offers high protection against wear, thereby preventing unexpected downtime. It also leads to lower maintenance costs.

Heavily Loaded Bearings in Stone/Rubble Crushers

To reduce stones or rubble to smaller aggregates, stone/rubble crushers with bearings are used. These bearings operate under extreme conditions with shock loads and require high-quality lubricants to ensure optimal performance.

A Regular Multi EP2 Grease Versus EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S

To measure the impact of lubricants on energy consumption, an experiment was conducted on a stone crusher whose bearings were filled with a regular multi EP2 grease. The energy consumption was accurately measured with a clamp meter on the electric motor that drives the stone crusher. Subsequently, the bearings were filled with EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S, and the energy consumption was measured again.


The results were remarkable. The energy consumption of the stone crusher, with bearings filled with EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S, showed a significant decrease compared to when the bearings were filled with regular multi EP2 grease. The measurements indicated that an energy saving of up to 15% could be achieved, depending on the type of bearing, speed, load, etc. These findings have far-reaching implications, especially in industrial sectors where heavy machinery with bearings is intensively used. The decrease in energy consumption directly translates to reduced CO2 emissions, which is important for companies aiming for certification, such as the CO2 Performance Ladder.

Conclusion: 15% Energy Saving with Eurol E HD Grease HY-2/103-S

EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S with Eurol SYNGIS Technology has proven to be an effective solution for saving energy in, among others, heavily loaded bearings. The test in a stone crusher shows that an energy saving of up to 15% is possible. This has a direct impact on the CO2 emissions of the stone crusher. This is particularly important for companies committed to sustainability and certified according to, for example, the CO2 Performance Ladder. Switching to advanced lubricants like EUROL E HD Grease HY-2/103-S is not just an investment in efficiency, but also in a greener future for the industry with a lower CO2 footprint.


There are multiple ways to reduce the energy consumption of heavily loaded equipment using a lubricant. For this purpose, Eurol has developed the HD E-Line.