July 14, 2022

Eurol Logo Before-After

Eurol refreshes corporate identity

The world demands innovative solutions for a better and cleaner world. Eurol not only takes its responsibility, but wants to play a leading role when it comes to lubricants that contribute to performance, lower ecological footprint and better business operations. This new course includes an adapted corporate identity and new brand promise.

A new corporate identity comes with a refreshing logo, matching the DNA of Eurol. The Eurol logo has been subtly changed and refreshed without losing any of its recognizability. The readability of the logo has been improved. A darker shade of blue gives the logo more contrast. The brand promise 'Quality is in Our Nature' has been changed to 'Powering Performance' and is therefore perfectly in line with our ambitions. The pay-off Powering Performance is used next to the logo. This sentence communicates in a few words what Eurol stands for.


In addition, the Eurol Wave, colors and typography have been adapted. These are recognizable elements of the Eurol corporate identity. You can find all corporate identity guidelines on the Brand Portal.

The new corporate identity will be introduced gradually. In the coming period it will be used more and more. The phased transition means that the old and new house styles will temporarily be used side by side. If you have any questions about the new house style and the guidelines, please contact marketing@eurol.com.