July 28, 2023


Eurol's Refill Aerosol System

On July 5, 2023, we introduced the Refill Aerosol Station, Refill Aerosol Viton, and Refill Aerosol Air Dock. This innovative system represents a significant step forward in the market. It enables us to meet our customers' needs in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.
Refill Aerosol Station - S001050

The Refill Aerosol Station is an automatic filling station specifically designed for refilling compressed air spray cans. This system can be effortlessly connected to a compressor, making the refilling of both compressed air and Eurol products not only easier but also significantly more environmentally friendly.

Additionally, it offers opportunities for the use of our high-quality lubricants. It is compatible with various Eurol products, including:

Eurol Lube PL
Eurol Lube PL FD
Eurol Lube PL BIO
Eurol Chain Oil S-TP 22 FD
Eurol Chain Lube S-AC 38 FD

Refill Aerosol Viton - S001052

The Refill Aerosol Viton is a refillable compressed air spray can with a filling valve at the bottom, making it easy to refill with the desired Eurol products. This is an excellent alternative to traditional propellants and disposable spray cans.

Refill Aerosol Air Dock - S001051

The Refill Aerosol Air Dock is specifically designed for use in conjunction with the Refill Aerosol Viton. This filling system can be connected to the refillable compressed air spray can, promoting seamless integration.

Watch the video about the Refill Aerosol Station

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