September 23, 2019

Jasper van den Heuvel and Lisette Bakker were the winners of the Eurol Hellendoorn Rally 2019.

Van den Heuvel and Bakker win 38th edition Eurol Hellendoorn Rally

Rally driver Jasper van den Heuvel and his navigator Lisette Bakker have won the Eurol Hellendoorn Rally for the first time in their career. Rally team Bernhard ten Brinke and Tom Colsoul finished second, followed by Dutch Rally champions Bob de Jong and Bjorn Degandt.

The rally teams can look back on an exciting rally weekend. During the first three stages on Friday evening, De Jong took the lead. After the fourth stage, Van den Heuvel took over the lead in the general classification, and managed to hold on to this position.

On Saturday morning Van den Heuvel made the difference in the general classification during the tests in Hoge Hexel and in Den Ham. Last year he lost his position in the rally at the Mageleresch, but this edition he managed to ride a strong rally. Despite the fact that Ten Brinke and De Jong came close, Van den Heuvel had built up a good lead. Bob de Jong and Bjorn Degandt also didn't need to take too many risks: the rally team that has been using Eurol's lubricants since 2016 already won the title of Dutch Rally champions.

This edition of the Eurol Hellendoorn Rally counted a field of 60 rally-equipes. Together they covered a total of 170 kilometres, divided into 14 special stages. The top 10 of the general classification is as follows:


  1. J. van den Heuvel (NL) / L. Bakker (NL)
    1 hour, 28 minutes and 7 seconds
  2. B. ten Brinke (NL)  / T. Colsoul (B)
    + 20,7 seconds
  3. B. de Jong (NL)  / B. Degandt (B)
    + 1.01,1 minutes
  4. K. van Deijne (NL)  / H. Verschuuren (NL)
    + 1.17,5 minutes
  5. J. de Winkel (NL)  / R. van Hoek (NL)
    + 2.17,3 minutes
  6. B. van Kamperdijk (NL)  / N. Muilwijk (NL)
    + 2.41,1 minutes
  7. M. Debackere (B) / M. Krieger (NL)
    + 4.01,0 minutes
  8. L. Parren (NL)  / J. Coumans (NL)
    + 5.59,6 minutes
  9. H. Vossen (NL)  / L. Bouman – Dautzenberg (NL)
    + 7.40,6 minutes
  10. E. Wolves (NL)  / F. ter Maat (NL)
    + 8.09,7 minutes