Dakar Rally: From Sand to Blessing

Eurol has been a staple in the Dakar Rally for years. We use this incredibly grueling rally to refine our products and subject them to the ultimate test.


Three times the win!

Eurol is the proud partner of teams such as the Riwald Dakar Team, TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, and Eurol Rallysport/Team de Rooy, formerly known as Mammoet Rallysport. It payed off: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and driver Nasser Al-Attiyah have already won the Dakar Rally three times, thanks in part to Eurol's lubricants!

TOYOTA Gazoo Dakar rally helicopter

The Toughest Rally in the World

The Dakar Rally, started in 1979 as the Paris-Dakar Rally, has a long, impressive history. This epic endurance race began as a route from Paris to Dakar, where the Sahara desert posed a significant obstacle. The rally moved to South America starting in 2009. Here, the drivers faced challenging landscapes such as high mountains, deep valleys, and expansive salt flats in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. Since 2020, the rally has been taking place in the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia.


Endurance Put to the Test

Over the years, the Dakar Rally has become a symbol for extreme endurance tests, attracting the world's best off-road drivers who compete to win in this grueling car, truck, and motorcycle race.


Test Platform

The Dakar Rally serves as the perfect platform for Eurol to test our lubricants to the extreme. From strong temperature fluctuations and heavy pressure loads to battling sand and water, our products must be able to handle it all. This way, we understand better than anyone how crucial the right lubricants are, especially in racing conditions where top performance is required. The close collaboration with various Dakar rally teams provides us with invaluable information. This applies to both our special racing lubricants and the lubricants that are used in everyday practice.

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