Eurol Lubricants Specialty Racing Line

Racing line

To deliver top performance, the highest quality materials are essential. Eurol introduces the Specialty racing line, distinguished by its wear protection and performance enhancement capabilities. These products, designed for professional racing, have been successfully used by leading international racing teams such as TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, Overdrive Racing, Comtoyou Racing, MKR Technology, and APP Racing.

SYNGIS Technology

The products in the Eurol Specialty racing line are equipped with the unique SYNGIS Technology, developed by Eurol itself. This technology enhances the synergy between lubrication and protection for maximum effectiveness. The impact is remarkable: data from various racing teams shows that Eurol Specialty racing products result in significantly lower operational temperatures, increased power, and higher speeds, compared to competing lubricants in racing.

Extended lifespan, lower costs

These products contribute to a significant reduction in wear, sometimes up to 80%, which extends the lifespan of the material. During endurance races, such as a 24-hour race or the Dakar Rally, this is of vital importance. The Eurol Specialty racing products increase the chance of reaching the finish line without mechanical issues. An additional benefit is the extended lifespan of the parts, which leads to cost savings.