The start of Eurol

Pioneering entrepreneurship and a sense of quality were the driving forces behind Johan Pfeiffer when he founded the company and brand 'Eurol' in Nijverdal in 1977. The Eurol product range at that time only included lubricants for motorcycles. Through various successes in motorsports, the Eurol brand quickly gained recognition in the Netherlands.

Independent lubricant producer

As an independent producer of lubricants, the product range expanded in the 1980s to include other segments such as automotive, two-wheelers, industry, trucks, and agriculture. In the 1990s, Eurol built a new factory for blending and filling. With production in-house and R&D facilities on-site, Eurol was able to develop faster and ensure even more consistent quality. From that moment on, Eurol became the only Dutch independent producer of lubricants.


International ambition

Eurol's international ambition is evident from its rapid growth and expansion into the global market. From its inception, Johan Pfeiffer had a clear vision of expanding beyond national borders. The brand name 'Eurol' is a combination of 'Europe' and 'Oil,' emphasizing the company's aspiration to reach and serve customers across Europe and beyond. The logo, with its overlapping 'E' and 'O,' further symbolizes the unity and connection between Europe and the world of oil. With a dedicated team and a passion for delivering high-quality products, Eurol is committed to realizing its international aspirations and establishing a strong presence in the global lubricant industry.


International success

Eurol's international renown received an extra boost from 2010, due to the support of various teams in the Dakar Rally. An increasing number of importers and dealers are enthusiastically working with Eurol and contributing to our worldwide name and fame. Since 2016, with the support of Tom Coronel, we have been active in the international FIA WTCR championship, thus reaching an even larger audience with the Eurol brand. The Dakar victories of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Team in 2019, 2022, and 2023 attest to our quality. Eurol has been a proud lubricant partner of this factory team for years. In 2020, the team achieved second place, with Fernando Alonso being one of the drivers.

Eurol Specialty lubricants packaging photo for oil and grease products

Focus on Innovation

Over the years, the focus on Research & Development has intensified. This has resulted in the development of Eurol Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS Technology. With this innovation, we provide solutions for complex lubrication challenges, aiming to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement for professional end-users. Today, more than 250 employees are dedicated to developing and producing a premium range of lubricants, technical fluids, cleaning, and maintenance products for various market segments.