Quality as a Guiding Principle

At Eurol, quality is not an afterthought but the guiding principle in everything we do. The high quality of our products is ensured by our dedicated team and advanced quality systems. We are a pioneer in 'World Class Manufacturing' and proudly hold the ISO 9001 certification. The OEM approvals from renowned automotive manufacturers underscore the reliability of our products.
Eurol Specialty Customized Lubricants

House of Excellence

Our 'Eurol House Of Excellence' quality program, a fusion of World Class Manufacturing, Lean, and Six Sigma techniques, encourages constant improvement of our processes and products. The result is the consistent, superior quality that Eurol is renowned for.

Furthermore, we have a leading laboratory to ensure the highest quality of our products. Our rigorous quality program monitors every step, from raw material to the finished product, using the latest measuring instruments and meticulous checks. Additionally, we closely monitor market developments to ensure our lubricants are always prepared for optimal and safe performance. 

Eurol Specialty lubricants packaging photo for oil and grease products

Eurol Specialty

The fact that quality is ingrained in our DNA is also evident in the development of Eurol Specialty lubricants with SYNGIS Technology. With these products, we can measurably enhance the operations of our customers.


ISO Certification

Since 1995, we have been ISO 9001 certified, which helps us structure and improve our business processes. Additionally, in 2018, we obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, and in 2019, we achieved the ISO 21469 certificate for hygiene requirements for oil and lubricants with incidental food contact. Furthermore, a large number of Specialty lubricants are Halal certified. All of these certifications provide a solid foundation for our growth without compromising on quality and continuity.


Proven Dakar Quality 

The Dakar Rally is an integral part of our brand story. The battle between man and machine against the elements drives us to create products that are synonymous with quality and reliability. We test our products in this most challenging rally in the world and translate the knowledge gained into the products you use daily. With our 'Dakar Proven Quality,' you can be assured of the very best performance.