Eurol Specialty Customized Lubricants

Pushing boundaries through innovation

At Eurol, we are dedicated to innovation and research to develop cutting-edge lubrication solutions. Our focus on in-house innovations reflects our commitment to providing customers with advanced, technically superior lubricants that contribute to improved and sustainable operations.

Engineered excellence

Our engineers develop lubricants that have been proven to outperform; extending the lifespan of machinery and vehicles, increasing efficiency, reducing the ecological footprint, and lowering overall operating costs.


Developed from practical experience

At Eurol, we take pride in harnessing the power of innovation to deliver the best products and services in our industry. By developing and conducting practical tests ourselves, we can stay ahead in this dynamic and rapidly changing market.

Eurol Specialty Syngis Technology Industrial Heavy Duty Lubricant Sustainability

SYNGIS Technology: our own innovation

A perfect example of this innovative approach is our Eurol Specialty line with SYNGIS Technology. This new generation of lubricants is specifically developed to deliver maximum performance in extreme conditions. SYNGIS Technology combines the advantages of synthetic base oils with additives, resulting in an exceptional level of lubrication, reduced friction, and excellent protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation.


Green lubrication for a sustainable future

Not only are these lubricants highly effective, but they are also designed with sustainability in mind. They are free from microplastics and align seamlessly with programs focused on safe and environmentally friendly practices. This is a crucial aspect of our mission to meet the new sustainability standards.