Eurol Specialty Sustainability Scan: Save costs, CO2-neutral

Man, machine, and environment

We believe quality and sustainability go hand in hand, which is why we develop high quality lubricants that are friendlier for man and machine and have less environmental impact.Our products are used in various applications, both in combustion engines and electrically powered vehicles and machines. Good lubrication reduces energy consumption and emissions, regardless of application or technology.
Eurol Green Lubricants Heavy Duty

Sustainable products

Many Eurol product lines contribute to a lower ecological footprint. This includes our Specialty Lubricants with SYNGIS Technology, which feature biodegradable and microplastic-free products. The use of Specialty Lubricants results in energy savings and an extended lifespan for your investments.

We also prioritize sustainability in more conventional product groups. One of the drivers for the development of engine oils is the reduction of exhaust gas emissions. With the new generation of engine oils, we are able to meet the most stringent standards.


Savings on energy, consumption and maintenance

The additives line helps prevent and address harmful engine pollution. The long-life" and fuel-efficient motor oils contribute to lower fuel and oil consumption. Eurol's AdBlue reduces the NOx emissions in heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars.

Energy savings, reduced consumption, and maintenance contribute to significant cost savings for our clients. The use of Eurol products provides a clear win-win situation. Please read the case studies for more information.


ISO 14001 certification in environmental management

In order to further develop and secure our environmental and sustainability policy, we have been certified under ISO 14001:2015 since May 2018. This means that Eurol complies with the international standard in environmental management. We constantly focus on environmental issues in our day-to-day operations, manage our environmental risks, and continuously improve our environmental performance. Our policies have a positive impact on the life cycle of products, including potential environmental issues, for both our distributors and customers.