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Deck lubrication / anti corrosion ponton offshore

Problemas de corrosión y lubricación en cables y piezas de grúas en aplicaciones offshore.
Cost Savings
Reduced Maintenance Costs: 50%Reduced Downtime: 50%
Material Savings

Increased Production Capacity: 50%
Value Savings: between €10,000 and €20,000

Description of situation

Good lubrication of machines and machine parts such as cables is essential. This is especially true for equipment in the offshore where sun, splashing salt water from the sea, wind and rain have free play. In this case study we will discuss the effect of our Specialty Lubricants in the offshore sector. We show how our Eurol Specialty products contribute to less maintenance work and less downtime.

Due to the use of regular lubricants and greases there was a corrosion and lubrication problem of steel cables, open lubrication points and telescopic crane parts. This caused high maintenance costs and early replacement of cables and other parts.  

Lubrication Point Steel cables | Telescopic crane components

Eurol Grease CS2 / 502-S Spray

Eurol Lube PL Spray

Article NumberS005121AER
Product UsageRegular lubricants

With Eurol Grease CS2 / 502-S Spray the telescopic parts of the crane were lubricated. The cable and other blank metal parts were protected with Eurol Lube PL Spray. This all resulted in a 2x longer service life of the steel cable and virtually no wear or corrosion of the crane parts. Less maintenance is required and so downtime is reduced.

Product usage: about 1 box (12p) spray cans each per year.